Broadford, Skye, 16 May 1883 - Kenneth Campbell

KENNETH CAMPBELL, Shepherd on the Farm of Corrie (between 36 and 40)—examined.

4888. The Chairman.
—What is your occupation ?
—I am managing shepherd on the farm of Corrie, which is in the occupation of my uncle, and when my uncle is not at home I manage his place.

4889. What is your uncle's name ?
—Murdoch Murchison.

4890. Are you married ?
—Not married.

4891. You wish to make a statement with reference to certain evidence
—To the evidence of Mr Logan and of the last witness. At the time they would require sea-ware here my uncle left for Oban, and he gave me permission to give the sea-ware to every one that would seek for it, but he preserved a wee patch that was near our own park for our own use and the use of cottars that we have on the place; and so I did give it to every one that came that way, and a fixed price on it, and that because the proprietor was doing the same. Well, I did not get one penny for the sea-weed as yet, and whether I will or not—I am not very particular—but we preserved a piece near our own park for our own use and the use of the cottars, as I have said. Mr Logan said that Mr Murchison objected to it; but I may state that they never asked it of Mr Murchison, nor said a word about it at all. This place was built for telling the truth, and not lies —I cannot give them another name. Well, there were three boats just landed at the piece we preserved for our own use, and I and the ground officer went down and asked them who gave them permission, and one of the men came up and said the two of us were too weak to have such language, and then I and the ground officer returned and left them there, and they did not say what brought them there or who gave them permission to cut sea-ware. That was all I said.

4892. Am I then to understand that the crofters are allowed to cut sea-ware upon the coast of Corrie except one portion reserved for his own use ?
—Of course, certainly.

4893. But in return for payment ?
—That was formerly going on in. the place and the law is not changed yet. 4894. In return for a payment which is not punctually made
—No, not to us as yet.

4895. How much would the payment be for one boat-load?
—Two shillings for a boat-load.

4896. How much would it weigh ?
—Would it weigh as much as one ton ?
—About three tons; and there are not many of us who can carry half a ton. They are doing it at the pier of Broadford.

4897. Sheriff Nicolson.
—Have you any right by your lease to sea-ware except what you require for yourself ?
—It is included in our lease.

4898. The whole sea-ware ?
—Yes, unless we use it we must buy artificial manure.

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