Broadford, Skye, 16 May 1883 - Neil Mackinnon

NEIL MACKINNON, Elgoll—examined.

4305. Sheriff Nicolson.
—How far are you from church at Elgoll ?
— Three miles.

4306. Have you a minister there ?
—Yes, once in the three weeks the minister comes to see us.

4307. Is that the Free Church minister ?

4308. How far are you from a doctor?
—Twelve miles.

4309. That is the doctor here ?

4310. Do the children attend school well?
—Yes ; as best they can.

4311. Are many of them kept from going to school by the want of good clothes?
—The place is out of the way, and not a public place, and they would be ashamed to go to the school with the clothes they have. If they had to go to a public school they could not appear.

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