Dunvegan, Skye, 15 May 1883 - William Mcleod

WILLIAM M'LEOD, Crofter, Kinloch, Dunvegan (50)—examined.

4066. The Chairman.
—Are you in part of Kilmuir ?
—No, I have nothing to do with Kilmuir. Though they appointed me delegate, I cannot say anything about them. Their grievances I do not know.

4067. Where is Kinloch ?
—It marches with Kilmuir.

4068. Mr Fraser-Mackintosh.
—Is it part of the glebe?
—This side of the glebe.

4069. The Chairman.
—Have you been freely elected by the people of Kilmuir ?

4070. But you don't wish to give evidence about Kilmuir?
—I cannot give evidence about Kilmuir, because I was not there. I do not know what took place.

4071. Then will you kindly make a statement about Kinloch ?
—I have no grievance; I do not complain of my own position.

4072. Do you complain on the part of those who have elected you?
— No, I cannot state their grievances, though I was elected.

4073. You have no grievance ?

4074. Sir Kenneth Mackenzie.
—Did all the people gather together to elect you?
—Yes, they were all together in the schoolhouse, and they elected me first, and I withdrew my name, and they elected me again.

4075. There was a Malcolm M'Caskill, who brought a paper which he stated he had read to about half the crofters of Kilmuir. Did you know anything about that paper ?
—No, I don't think I saw it, because I do not belong to that township.

4076. And you cannot say that it represents the feelings of the people of Kilmuir ?

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