Isle Ornsay, Skye, 17 May 1883 - Alexander Macdonald

ALEXANDER MACDONALD, Tockaveg—examined.

5616. The Chairman.
—We have already heard the general case of Tockaveg, and cannot hear it again, but we understand you have some particular statement to make to us ?
—My father and myself did a great deal of work on our lot. It was very bad at first, and after having done so, the rent was very much raised upon us.

5617. Did you hear the statement of John Macdonald?

5618. Do you agree with it ?

5619. Sheriff Nicolson.
—Do you know whether the rents were raised in proportion to the improvements ?
—I know that our own lot had the rent increased more than any other lot in the place; and the lot that was next to ourselves, there was no drainage work made on it, and there was no increase.

5620. Mr Fraser-Mackintosh.
—What rise was put upon you?
— £1 , 12s.

5621. What was it before ?
—£3, 15s. 6d. Then 3s. was added to it, and then £1, 12s.
—that is £5, 10s.

5622. Sheriff Nicolson.
—Have you, in consequence of the increase of rent, ceased to make any improvements ?
—Yes, I did. I am afraid to make any improvements on the lot.

5623. Mr Fraser-Mackintosh.
—Was it distinctly in consequence of the the great improvements upon your lot that you think your rent was raised ?
—Yes, surely.

5624. Is your lot susceptible of more improvement still, if you were not afraid of an increase of rent'
—Yes, the lot is very wet.

5625. Would you do it if you were assured you would not be disturbed or your rent raised ?
—Yes, very glad to do it.

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