Isle Ornsay, Skye, 17 May 1883 - Ann Macdonald

ANN MACDONALD, Kilmore (60)—examined.

5804. The Chairman.
—Are you a widow?
—No my husband is alive.

5805. Where is he ?
—At home, in the house.

5806. Why didn't he accompany you here to-day ?
—He is sickly.

5807. Does your husband know you have come here?

5808. Will you be so good as to make your statement ?
—My husband got sick, and we had a croft from Lord Macdonald for nothing, but we wanted that the land should be left with us till our children got strong or till their father should get better. When Lord Macdonald died the lot was taken from us without warning at alL I went with £5 on the rent day at Martinmas to the factor, but he would not take it from me, and the man who got the lot went to pay for it the day before the rest and the of the tenants went to pay. The factor then had the father-children put upon the roll of paupers, and he was on the list of paupers for three months.

5809. Do you mean the factor put your husband on the list of paupers ?
—There was 6s. a month allowed to him for three months.

5810. What was the matter with your husband ?
—He went wrong in his mind.

5811. Is he still wrong in his mind1?

5812. Do you not receive any support ?

5813. Why were you deprived of your house, and to whom was the house given ?
—The house was not taken from us. It was a broken house. The one end of it only was up.

5814. But the land was taken from you?

5815. Whom was it given to1?
—To John Anderson, farm servant with Mr M'Lean, Ostaig.

5816. How much were you in arrears?
—£6, I think.

5817. How many years had you been without paying your rent?
—I believe there were two years or three years of arrears against us.

5818. How does your husband now support himself?
—He takes turns at fishing with a little boat he has.

5819. Are your sons growing up1?

5820. Do they assist to support the family ?
—Yes; it is they who are helping.

5821. Have you got a cow ?
—We have not had a cow since that time.

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