Glendale, Skye, 21 May 1883 - Roderick Campbell

RODERICK CAMPBELL, Crofter, Borrodale (42)—examined.

7596. The Chairman.
—Are you employed by the trustees upon the Glendale estate ?
—No, I am in my own employment.

7597. Were you formerly employed by the trustees, or Mr Robertson ?

7598. What were you employed to do ?
—Employed to plough the park of Waterstein.

7599. How long ago is that?
—Last week.

7600. Did anybody interfere with your work ?
—Part of my plough was taken away at night.

7601. Did you leave the plough in the field ?

7602. And when you came in the morning what had happened to it ?
—The coulter was taken out, the muzzles were taken away, and the swingle-tree.

7603. Did you cease to be employed after that by the trustees'?

7604. Why did they cease to employ you?
—They did not ask me to do any more.

7605. Do you think that if you had gone back to the plough again you would have been prevented from doing your work ?
—I don't know.

7606. Why do you think the trustees ceased to employ you ?
—I don't know ; I cannot say.

7607. Do you think it was on account of your plough having been stolen ?
—I cannot say what was in their minds regarding it.

7608. Sheriff Nicolson.
—Are you afraid of anybody ?

7909. Do you know of anything else the people have done to injure the property of the trustees, or any of those whom they accuse of not having sympathised with themselves ?
—I don't know of anything.

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