Portree, Skye, 24 May 1883 - Rev Finlay Graham

Rev. FINLAY GRAHAM, Free Church Minister, Sleat (42)—re-examined.

10119. The Chairman.
—You desire to make an explanation ?
—Yes. It is about such a small matter that I am almost ashamed to speak of it, but still Tormore left the impression that I went about canvassing for votes, and not relying upon his word. He said quite truly that he informed me that there would be no poll, and I relied on his word, and let the time pass when I might have enlightened my people in the method and rules of the election. He said that I went about canvassing amongst the people, but I did no such thing. However, his officers were round the parish canvassing for the votes of the people. He was, as I thoroughly believe, misinformed on this point; and, to say the least, it was rather strong to use the machinery of the estate against the only Free Churchman who wanted a place on the school board.

10120. Your impression is that you did not get quite fair play on the part of the authorities on the estate in connection with the election for the school board ?

10121. And you believe you would have been elected if there had been a poll ?
—There was a poll.

10122. But you had not sufficient time to prepare?
—Tormore told me there would be no poll, and I relied upon his word; and some people informed
him that I went canvassing after that, which I did not do. His officers went and canvassed while I was at ease.

10123. And if you had had time to prepare the constituency, and recommend yourself to them, you believe you would have been elected 1
—I don't know about that.

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