Torran, Raasay, 22 May 1883 - Alexander Mcleod

ALEXANDER M'LEOD, Crofter, North Arnish (75)—examined.

8238. The Chairman.
—What have you to state to us?
—I am not wanting more land than I have. It will serve me my lifetime. But the land is dear, and is spoiled by game, the same as others have said, so that it is scarcely worth while to sow my land. It is a very difficult thing for a man to go and complain to his landlord, even if it was the case that his crop was spoiled. Our landlord is kind, and honourable, and condescending to us in every way; but, after all, that loss is upon us. We must try to stand it, when that heavy rent is upon us. I have, however, to say concerning myself that if the rent was lower than what it was in my father's time, we would not be saying much about it.

8239. Sir Kenneth Mackenzie.
—Are the rabbits not fenced off?
—No, and they are quite thick in our arable ground. I have nothing further to say.

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