Glendale, Skye, 21 May 1883 - John Mcswan (2)

JOHN M'SWAN—[Examination Resumed].

7189. The Chairman.
—Did you ever hear of a placard being put up at Skiniden, threatening people with vengeance if they paid their rent or were backsliding ?
— I am not a scholar, and I could not read a letter; but I saw a piece of paper on a board by the road side. I don't know but it was yourself who put it there for all I know, and it was by the way side, and there was something like that on it, but I don't know what was on it. I know the reporters came and took it with them, but I don't know what was in the paper.

7190. Did the reporters for the newspaper take it down and carry it away ?
—Yes, the reporters took it with them.

7191. Did you ever hear in this place of any one being injured in their property or in their employments on account of not joining the people, or on account of paying their rent ?
—I am not aware, nor did I hear of injury being done to any one for such a reason.

7192. Mr Fraser-Mackintosh.
—Do you believe that that statement represented the true feelings of the people of Colbost or Skiniden ?
—I don't think that that statement was the opinion or the mind of the people of Colbost or Skiniden. I rather believe it was somebody who did not belong to the place who put it up.

7193. Have you any idea how many sheep are upon those islands that have been referred to?
—I cannot say. They would keep from 150 to 200 sheep without any other stock.

7194. Is there stock on them?
—Yes, cattle and goats.

7195. Is the pasture good on these islands?
—It is the best pasturage that belongs to Skiniden.

7196. And costs nothing in herding?

7197. The Chairman.
—Who is occupying the islands?

7198. Sir Kenneth Mackenzie.
—Was there an understanding at Skiniden that they were not to pay their rent until they received redress for what they believed to be their wrongs ?
—They were for getting justice, but they never said they would not pay their rent.

7199. Did they pay any rent at last Martinmas'?
—One man paid, at events. I do not know but more paid.

7200. At the time they complained that M'Raild took the land from them, was he drawing the rents ?

7201. And they had nobody else to complain to except M'Raild ?

7202. Professor Mackinnon.
—You say these islands would keep 150 sheep, but that you don't know how many are upon them. Do you consider it would ba a great mistake to have so few upon the islands as is said to be there ?
—Yes, it would be much under the stock that should be on them.

7203. You don't know whether there are about forty on them ?
—I don't know what are on them.

7204. How many cattle do you think are on them ?
—I cannot say.

7205. The return here gives only in Colbost and Skiniden two horses, eleven cows, seven stirks, and forty-three sheep, ashore as well as in the islands. Do you consider that a wrong return ?
—I cannot say anything about it.

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